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US States Ranked by Well-Being: A Strategy for Implementing Medical Tourism into Workers’ Comp

My good friend, and maybe yours too, Maria Todd, sent me an article this afternoon from wcinsights.com.

The article, “State of the State’s Well-Beings”, by Kelia Scott, discussed a recently released survey from Gallop-Healthways called the 2014 State Well-Being Rankings. These rankings determine how each state is ranked in terms of well-being.

Gallop-Healthways conducted over 176,000 interviews with adults in all fifty states, and asked them to rank elements that are related to well-being like social (having support and relationships), physical (good health and daily energy), environmental (liking your community and feeling safe), financial (managing your finances to reduce stress and insecurity) and purpose (liking what you do and feeling motivated).

The findings, which can be seen in greater detail here and here as well, indicated that high rates of well-being correspond to rates of healthcare utilization, workplace performance and absenteeism, a change in obesity rates and others. In short, healthier workers may be happier workers.

The map below indicates which states are in the top quintile, the 2nd quintile, the 3rd quintile, the 4th quintile and the bottom quintile.


Source: wcinsights.com

So the strategy I would recommend for anyone wishing to implement medical tourism into workers’ comp would be to consider directing your energies and resources to the following states: Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Missouri. This would be followed by those states in the 4th and 3rd quintiles.

A personal note: I know that all of you in the medical tourism industry are sending good wishes for a speedy recovery to Maria as she recuperates from her recent illness, as I am, and that she will be back to good health as soon as possible.


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