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Time For Medical Tourism Industry to Clean Up Its Act

An article in Arizona Central (see link below) highlights the problem with weight-loss surgery in Mexico.


This isn’t the first article on this subject, and won’t be the last, but the industry must clean up its act, stop patting yourselves on the back at all these fancy conferences around the world, come together to lay down guidelines and industry-driven protocols and standards of care and legal protections, and lastly, get rid of the crooks (you know who they and you are), charlatans, con men, and carnival barkers who promote medical travel, and give it a black eye.

Naturally, there are risks to any surgery, no matter where it occurs, but if medical travel is to be marketed as less costly, with better outcomes, the quacks and thieves must be removed from the industry.

Stop dissing each other, start cooperating with each other, and cut back on the conferences. Nobody of any real importance to the growth of the industry attends; only those who talk a great deal or are promoting their own businesses.

Here is a video that goes along with the article.




Self-Insured Employers and Medical Travel: One Company’s Experience

Note: The following link is from an article originally published on December 15. 2013 in Business Insurance magazine by Joanne Wojcik.


The following link is to an ABC News report about the same company in North Carolina, and highlights two of their employees, one a recent retiree, who traveled for medical treatment in Costa Rica.


I met the young Costa Rican woman in the video at a Costa Rican Medical Travel conference in Miami Beach in May of 2014.