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New York to London in Two Hours: What It May Mean for Medical Travel

The day is not too far off when passengers will embark on a flight from New York to London, and make the trip in just two hours.

That is what an article today on MSN.com suggests as a hypersonic, suborbital plane is being developed called the Paradoxal.

It will fly just high enough to allow passengers to see the curvature of the earth and the stars, as well as have a short-term experience with weightlessness.

So sending patients to hospital facilities in Europe or Asia will take no more than most domestic flights do in the US, two or three hours, more depending on destination, but certainly not hours, as is common now.

This is not the only new aircraft being designed. There is a plane called “Boom” that is expected to be faster than the Concorde and cost far less than Concorde did.

After suborbital flight, who knows what comes next? Matter-Energy transportation, perhaps, thereby eliminating altogether the aircraft.