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Am. Chamber of Commerce Seals Medical Travel Collaboration Agreement

An article from a recent connection of mine.

The Medical Travel collaboration agreement puts AMCHAMDR membership available to connect service opportunities and solutions to medical travelers.

Source: Am. Chamber of Commerce Seals Medical Travel Collaboration Agreement

Zika to Cost Latin America and Caribbean $3.5B

Three weeks ago, I wrote a piece about how the Zika virus may affect medical travel to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Today, Business Insurance.com (article unavailable online due to error) reported that the World Bank warned that the spread of the Zika virus across Latin America and the Caribbean is expected to cost those regions about $3.5 billion in forgone economic output.

A full article can be found here.

According to the article, the World Bank is offering $150 million in financing to those countries combating the disease.

This money is nearly three times the the amount of money requested by the United Nations’ health arm on Wednesday.

However, officials at the World Health Organization said that they needed $56 million to help prevent the spread of the virus.

The officials also said that the short-term funding request would be used to speed up research, vaccine development and diagnostics of the relatively unknown virus, and would last until June.

Medical Tourism in the Dominican Republic: Play Ball!

I am usually reluctant to post anything from the Medical Tourism Association, as they copyrighted my white paper without my written permission, but the picture of Bartolo Colon of the New York Mets (First place in the National League East and the pitcher with the best record in the league) made me do otherwise.

As I did with the last two countries, Costa Rica and Colombia, here is the link to the article in Medical Tourism Magazine:


Baseball players are susceptible to many kinds of injuries that require surgery, especially orthopedic surgery. It’s only the second month of the season, and the Mets have several players on the Disabled List, from David Wright to Vic Black, Jerry Blevins, Josh Edgin, Dillon Gee, Jenrry Mejia, Rafael Montero, Bobby Parnell, Cesar Puello, Zack Wheeler, and Travis D’Arnaud.

Most of these are either shoulder (Tommy John surgery), elbow, back, or other injuries, and might share some commonalities with workers’ comp injuries.

If Major League Baseball is going abroad for surgery, shouldn’t you?


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