FutureComp Consulting


What is FutureComp Consulting?

FutureComp Consulting is dedicated to transforming the workers’ compensation industry by freeing employers and injured workers from the high cost of surgery for work-related injuries common to workers’ compensation claims, such as back, hip, knee, shoulder, and carpal tunnel.

Who are FutureComp Consulting clients?

  • Self-insured employers
  • Employers with high-deductible policies
  • Employers who has opted out of their state’s statutory workers’ comp program
  • Insurance carriers seeking to lower their claims costs, especially on medical costs

Then we can help you save money by having the injured workers travel to regional medical tourism destinations for high quality, lower cost surgery, with added savings to you the employer, and better outcomes for the injured worker.

What is Medical Travel and why is it the future of medical care?

Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country other than their own to obtain medical treatment. Medical travel is quickly becoming cost-saving alternative to the high cost of American health care, for private pay patients and group health plans. FutureComp Consulting believes that this alternative should be available to working people as well.

What we will do?

FutureComp Consulting will connect you with JCI-accredited, centers of excellence, fully vetted providers, and medical travel companies that can facilitate your employees’ travel, lodging, and surgery, and provide your employees with a world-class surgical experience in Latin America and the Caribbean. We are socially connected to many leading figures in the medical travel industry who can advise or direct us to the best providers and facilities.

Why do we believe in Medical Travel for Workers’ Compensation Claims?

As the US workforce becomes more Latino, having Spanish-speaking employees travel to their home countries or region for medical care will alleviate the need for translators and facilitate the speedy recovery of the patient. That will allow them to return-to-work faster and be a much more happier employee.

So if you are looking to improve the medical care your workers receive, and are looking to improve your bottom-line, contact us for further information.



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