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Five and a half years

Yesterday marked five and a half years since I began the blog.

To date, it has been viewed in over 100+ countries and had over 33,600 views, as shown in the image here:

The areas in grey represent those countries that have not viewed my blog, and as you can see they are mostly in Africa and part of the Mideast, especially Iran (but you would expect that).

Of course, there are exceptions, such as Greenland and those islands to the east of Greenland. Oh, and there is one other island that has not had any views: Cuba. And one nation that has been in the news of late: North Korea.

Still, I am very happy and grateful for all the views, wherever they come from, but some have surprised even me. Take for instance, the Palestinian territories, China, Vietnam, and those in the northeast part of Africa. Even Saudi Arabia (do they know I am Jewish?)

Thank you all for the past five and a half years, and once again, I’d like to invite you to reach out to me whenever you want to discuss an article, or have something to add. I want to get to know my readers better.

Are you kidding?

Every day I check my statistics on WordPress to see how my posts are doing. Usually that consists of look at the number of views and visitors to the site, as well as where in the world they come from.

In the past, I have had views from people in certain countries that are suffering some kind of political distress. An example is the Palestinian territories, now called the State of Palestine, as far as WordPress is concerned.

But I just noticed today that I had two view from Iraq…IRAQ?!  Are you kidding????? With ISIS running amok, two people had the time, and the electrical power to surf the net and read my blog.

And Iraq is not the only strife-torn nation who has had individuals view my site. Pakistan, Nigeria (just hope it isn’t Boko Haram). Ukraine and Libya have had people view my blog.

But Iraq takes the cake…the country is falling apart, terrorists are seizing the countryside, the US and its allies are conducting airstrikes and these two are reading a blog about medical tourism and workers’ comp.