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Ten Facts About Medical Travel

Maria Maldonado has put together a list of ten facts about medical travel that people in the workers’ comp world should know about.

While it is true that there have been serious medical issues abroad, the same medical errors can and do occur right here at home. One particular one that stuck in my mind some years ago was a patient at a hospital in Tampa who had the wrong body part removed.

Also, there may be some who question whether the JCI’s accreditation is sufficient enough to justify patients going abroad, but absent any other reputable institutions, the JCI will have to suffice as a starting point or floor to which any such future institutions will have to better.

Here is the link to Maria’s post:

Complications Insurance for Medical Tourism: Coverage for Implementing Medical Tourism into Workers’ Comp

Once again, I am turning to the medical tourism facilitator, Trip4Care for a brilliant blog piece on medical travel that should be of keen interest to those in the workers’ comp world who pooh-pooh my idea for medical travel and workers’ comp. You can connect with Trip4Care by email.

There are many companies that provide medical travel insurance, and by bundling it together with monoline work comp coverage, an employer can reap savings on expensive surgeries abroad, and provide their employees with the best care possible, at the lowest cost, and can get them back to work faster by having them recover in pleasant surroundings, instead of at home on a couch in front of the TV.

Here is the article:

To deny this option to injured workers, while group health and private pay patients can go abroad, smacks of discrimination, class bias, racism, short-sightedness, and ignorance about the quality of medical care in other nations that is rapidly changing and catching up to that in the US and the rest of the Western world.

Imagine what this would do for peaceful understanding and cooperation, if the most common of us could see how the other half lives. I am not advocating going to war-torn countries, but to those that cater to medical travel patients, and that are relatively free of strife. This will help cement peace and respect for all nations.


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