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Peter Rousmaniere posted the following fact sheet about immigrants working in construction. While this has no bearing on health care at present, it does have some bearing on workers’ comp, especially in light of the current regime’s draconian policy towards immigrants from Central America.

As this “crisis” progresses, it may be harder for construction companies to find workers to employ on construction sites.

This, in turn would mean that they may be less construction work, and for the insurance industry, less risk and less profit to be made from insuring these projects.

In workers’ comp, that would translate into less frequency of losses, but it would also cut off revenue from carriers covering such risks.

And he promised to create jobs? Hardly.

Source: Immigrants in construction — key facts « Working Immigrants

3 thoughts on “Immigrants in construction — key facts « Working Immigrants

  1. Christina

    Well, first of all, I think it’s fair to understand he promised jobs for American workers and he has been accomplishing that… if you insist on calling that “draconian,” that is your opinion. As far as a potential crisis because there may be less illegal workers to hire for the construction industry, I think that is way out of line. In fact, it would open up the industry (once again) to plenty of teenagers looking for a first job, or a good paying alternative to (or internship after) a trade school and even a way out of the welfare route or unemployment line! And don’t try to say these are jobs that no Americans will do! Given the overwhelming popularity of HGTV’s “house flipping” lineup, I am sure that starting in basic construction would be a practical and clarifying catalyst for many a wanna-be, future flipper/entrepreneur.
    In regards to the impact on insurers… not sure but, I would think it is easier for employer and insurer to cover and pay out to US citizens or those legally allowed to work. And I think there would definitely be less risk involved which, from my understanding, insurers value!
    And the last thing I want to add – because I grew up in California’s central agricultural valley… my city is now 85% hispanic…(they don’t even supply Driver’s books in English at our city’s DMV!) those who insist that these people only take those jobs that no “lazy American” wants to do in construction, agriculture or housekeeping are WRONG. Many ag workers are paid half in cash, half by paystub which allows them to take their measly paystub to the welfare office and get foodstamps, medicare and cash aide! Who pays for this? US citizens! People complain their wages are so low yet no one wants to pay more than $1.00 for their lettuce! But the truth is you pay the real price of that lettuce in other ways. Locals know this. I have heard several stories of American people getting jobs as fieldworkers and they are literally intimidated and pushed out by the hispanic workers who bully them. It’s like a mafia! Heck, why can’t inmates be used to help in the fields?? Or those welfare to work programs?
    And hey, the same thing occurs if you try and hang out at the Home Depot parking lot as a white American trying to score a day job!! (My brother attempted this, more than once!).
    And as an Executive Housekeeper (manager) at an upscale golf resort in Carmel Valley early in my career, we had a variety of people and cultures apply for housekeeping but I’ll be honest, the majority were hispanic and when non-latinos were hired, they really had to be “tough cookies” to make it. Not because of their skill or willingness to work but because the rest of the staff made it VERY difficult for them. They would be ostracized with everyone else speaking in Spanish, many would avoid going to help them with their rooms as the day wound down, the male attendants that delivered linens to the maids and other duties would delay their deliveries, causing the “outsider” to be late in turning over rooms, etc… honestly, there were only 2 Korean girls in my department that were really tenacious and had each other’s backs over the years. Those who were not welcome were made to feel it and usually ended up quitting.
    Americans are not as lazy and prideful as many on the left would like us to believe… and after living in Latin America for almost a decade and knowing the people and culture as I do, Latinos are strong, resourceful, inventive, wily and even shrewd. They are survivors and they work hard. They know how to take advantage of and make the best of even a bad situation. They are smart too. They have the “street smarts” that many of us do not possess which gives them an operational edge in our society that I have seen many times in my life experiences. Many that come here may be “uneducated” by our standards yet they are anything but dumb!


    1. Transforming Workers' Comp Post author

      Christina…you are smarter than this. You shouldn’t be denigrating anyone from any country, least of all those from south of the border. You lived there for a while, and you should have more respect. But on another note, as I am in Florida, there would be no construction of anything here without Hispanic labor. My house, other condo communities, shopping centers, office buildings, etc. would not exist. And I don’t think American teenagers would want to work in 90 degree heat at a construction site.


      1. Christina

        I have denigrated no one. I have plenty of respect,… many friends and colleagues and professionals I have worked with from 3 Latin countries over the years! If I did not, I certainly could not have lived or done business in these countries and my comment clearly stated what I have learned in my associations and my life experiences.
        Again, very leftist right now.. “hate speech” (or denigration) is supposedly evident just because you state facts.. because every word used is not rosy and patronizing?? Just because some word I used you want to interpret as “negative?” Which didn’t you like?? Shrewd? Hard working? Resourceful? Heck, one of my best friends admits and wears each of those “labels” proudly as a Brazilian!
        Just because you don’t agree with me (although you had nothing to say to contradict my first hand examples as a Californian) and you think my chosen adjectives should be all rainbows and butterflies does NOT make what I say hateful or denigrating. It’s just the truth, even if it is MY truth based on REAL experiences, not just hearsay or political correctness!! I see you (and many others) are stuck in phase 2 of Truth.
        Yes, I am smarter than this. But you should be too and not be swayed by the constant barrage of noise from those that have an agenda! First of all, I state facts and I don’t try to sugarcoat the truth or make platitudes that aren’t necessary or truthful. I call it as I see it and as much as I am all for diplomacy and politeness, the truth is, TRUTH is much more valuable when you want to have a conversation and you need the basic facts on the topic. Do not be so married to a belief, a cause or a story just because it is constantly forced on you or you have held it for many years.. OR just because it might not be politically correct! Whether or not the truth hurts REALLY depends ENTIRELY upon WHO is hearing the TRUTH and HOW THEY choose to react to it!
        Since you like quotes as much as I do, Richard… here’s one:
        “Political Correctness is Intellectual Terrorism.”
        One of the greatest things about our country is our First Amendment right and today’s tendency to shame those who are not what they consider “politically correct” is not only disgraceful, naive and selfish (and snowflakey!), it’s dangerous because it hides FACTS and goes against our founding principles and unalienable rights.


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