The “Curse” of For-Profit Health Care

Recently, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders introduced a Medicare for All bill into the U.S. Senate, and many Democratic Senators signed on as co-sponsors of the bill.

Earlier yesterday morning, on his way to a photo-op in Naples, Florida to see the damage from Hurricane Irma (why didn’t he go to the Keys), the Orangeman tweeted that Senator Sanders’ bill would visit a curse on the U.S.

This from a man who said that he preferred the Canadian system, and told the Australian Prime Minister to his face, and the cameras, that they had a better health care system than the US.

What are we to make of someone who likes other countries health care systems as long as it is not our system? What do we do when the elected leaders of this country are dead set against providing the best health care system to their constituents, and in fact, are determined to take away what little health care they already have?

I find it rather odd, and callous that the Orangutan calls Sen. Sanders’ plan a curse, when millions of Americans are cursed everyday with not having any health care, or minimal care at best.

No, what is a curse are families going broke paying for medical care, individuals forgoing needed care because it costs too much, doctors and nurses burned out because they are overworked, underpaid (in some cases), and trying to work in a broken, bureaucratic, sclerotic, and byzantine system.

The American “health care” system is the curse. The cure, or rather the silver bullet for this vampiric monster, is single-payer. Maybe Sen. Sanders’ bill won’t pass this time, with this Congress and this President, but it or something like it should in the future.

Our curse as a nation is in our slavish devotion to making everything conform to the will and whim of the free market. We have seen that the free market is great for the production and selling of goods and services, but health care is not a consumer good. It is a right of every man, woman, and child.

The Canadians, the Australians, the British, and many other nations are not so slavishly devoted to the free market as we are when it comes to providing health care to all their citizens, and they cannot be called “Socialist” or “Communist” in any way, shape, or form.

Only because of the greed of a few insurance companies, Wall Street players and their investor clients, as well as very wealthy Libertarian brothers from the energy sector do we continue to be cursed with the worse system for providing health care.

Finally, the ultimate curse this nation has is the individual who said single-payer would be a curse. And like Dracula, only the light of day will stop him.

1 thought on “The “Curse” of For-Profit Health Care

  1. Transforming Workers' Comp Post author

    So that you think the comments above are not just the late night ramblings of some blogger, here is an example of the curse we are facing with health care and a form of government long thought ended, It is courtesy of the Health Wonk Review blog and the Colorado Health Insurer Insider.

    “Dr. Roy Poses‘ article on Health Care Renewal is a must-read, and is as shocking as it is sad. Hookworm, widely considered a disease of developing countries, was prevalent in the southern US a hundred years ago. But Dr. Poses explains that it’s returned, and is now as common in Alabama as it was in the early 20th century. The Shame of US Health Care Dysfunction: Hookworm Returns to Alabama details the near eradication of hookworm in the US by the 1970s and 80s, thanks in large part to adequate modern plumbing. But impoverished Alabama resident are unable to afford proper septic tanks (which can cost more than their annual income), and the government doesn’t seem to consider it their responsibility to help people afford adequate sanitation systems, despite the grave threat to public health. Dr. Poses explains that the Alabama study is “a vivid illustration of how dysfunctional the US health care system has become. After all, we spend more per capita than any other country on health care, and this is a result. But how much of that money goes to feathering nests of powerful health care leaders, and their cronies? We never needed true health care reform more.”



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