Deaf, Dumb and Blind, part Deux

Back in June, I wrote a post with the above mentioned title. Then, I was on a rant, now I am just reporting what my fellow blogger, Joe Paduda has written about today regarding a report from the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) on the various state workers’ compensation systems.

This report harks back to one conducted in 1972 on the state of workers’ compensation then, but as Joe points out today, seeking a return to that Commission report and to that decades-old recommendations is absurd.

Rather than give you my take on this meeting from yesterday, here is Joe’s article. I always give credit where it is due, and he is due a lot of credit for his reporting.

It would seem that not only is the workers’ comp industry deaf, dumb and blind, but so is the federal government, if we are to take Joe at his word.

And in the meantime, who gets hurt while these eggheads, bureaucrats, nincompoops and sticks-in-the-muds do more study, research, look back forty years and pine for an economy and workforce that no longer exists? The injured workers.

And who, in the meantime, while the insurers, employers, and various stakeholders gouge and game the system, gets hurt, disabled or even dies? The injured workers.

It seems to me that the only thing that matters to the eggheads, bureaucrats, nincompoops, sticks-in-the-muds, insurers, employers, and various stakeholders is, how to screw the worker, save money by not paying adequate wages and benefits, make more profits off of someone’s disability, and not the care and treatment of the one who is disabled and forced into poverty.

Here is the perfect example of the state of affairs in workers’ comp, both inside and outside the industry:




2 thoughts on “Deaf, Dumb and Blind, part Deux

  1. dinajpadillagmailcom

    I read their report and watched the Video, with what I could hear of it.. Many injured workers who have been screwed by the Workers Comp machine will just die off waiting for the DOL to do more research. All they have to do is ask for injured workers to tell their stories in congressional hearings as to how long and why they have been waiting for their benefits (1980’s) and the many criminal ways they’ve been denied and treated and VOILA, no more years of unnecessary research. For God’s sake, It’s already been 44 years since the un-enacted Congressional passage on the legislation of the 1972 Workers Compensation Commission!
    As I wrote to one of U.C.Berkeley’s Professors whom I know professionally and personally, that we as injured workers who have been in the worker comp denial and thuggery, that we don ‘t have any more years left to wait( many were and are over 40 back then and what new IW wants to wait the same many years for benefits anyway), while insurers via legislators keep taking away more and more benefits and that it is too, that not until they tackle the actual abuse, fraud and corruption within the whole system including worker comp courts and corporate bought and paid for law enforcement, that nothing will ever get done. The fact that the federal DOL KNOWS that the states are failing us in workers compensation and what has happened by way of legislation’s in different state’s, the only thing the DOL needs to do is ACT now on those issues they already know about according to their own written analysis.
    I see Timothy Perez as just another bureaucrat pretending to care and act, all just to do what all bureaucratic government employees do and that is try and justify their jobs and existence for the next president to appoint him again and get another chance at being picked as a VP candidate and or actually running for the highest office..
    So, the kind of immediate research they need is to hear from the many insured workers who have been in the state’s worker compensation system for about 30 years and do what is needed for congress to it’s job. Because of not listening to injured workers by state legislaltors has gotten us to this point and certainly if the federal government is actually wanting to do something it his same practice of not listening to injured workers should not used by the federal DOL bureaucrats OR Congress. If anyone knows the history it was the ALF-CIO who was in the middle of injured workers to get SSA benefits after two years of temporary disability back in the 80’s. Many of the workers never got their WC benefits as was old by 3rd party insurers to the SSA AND the SSA used that formula to offset the IW’s SSDI who’s recipients just got SSI instead. A rigged setup, if their ever was one, all by the very bureaucrats who got involved to cheat injured workers at every twist and turn with no rehab, n0 nothing in their future but maimed, pain, illness and death.The new, federal, bureaucrats have a lot to answer for!
    We need action now!


  2. WorkComp Linda

    Great job, Richard!

    Joe doesn’t believe there is anything wrong or terribly wrong with Worker’s Compensation, so how credible are his comments?

    I do agree with his conclusion, “What does this mean for you? If you don’t tell your story, others will make up stories about you.”

    That looks like another way of saying “Without a blog and a growing database Injured Workers are unarmed and unprotected in the global war on workers.”

    I think you and DePaolo summed it up best! David also said, “Why is it that nobody gives a damn in this industry about big money fraud?”

    I believe all Americans should extend another standing ovation to @ProPublica and @NPR journalists, and to Paul Steiger for running such a stellar operation!

    Injured Workers were starting to wonder if NPR/ProPublica thought their work was done on the necessary investigative journalism on these issues! Hooray! They’re back!!

    Let’s encourage those 10 congressional representatives to do their follow up.

    While Secretary Perez HOPES they will act, hope is not a strategy. DOL and DOJ Work must together to protect the American people from the criminal elements in your industry… A civil rights commission is probably the best next step, wouldn’t you agree? shows only 26 Workers Comp Mediators “serving” California and 59 “serving” Florida. It’s not a full list, as several I know are not listed.

    I’m working on finding more in order to help WorkComp Hostages ESCAPE THE SYSTEM. An Awareness Campaign to educate attorney who purport to represent injured worker must be launched in order to save lives now. Watch for my next articles in Huffington Post, too…. you might appreciate them! – xoxoxo

    Yep. Thanks Richard. #DodgeTheRads and blog on! WE ARE THE MEDIA NOW



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