Fourteen Hundred Plus Pages – For One Rule???

Health Affairs blog author, Sara Rosenbaum wrote an article today about the final rule for Medicaid that was released back on April 25th.

What immediately jumped out at me was the length of the rule — 1,452 pages. That’s right, fourteen hundred and fifty-two pages for one lousy rule.

Those of you who read my post from last Friday, “A Simple Friday Morning Health Care Philippic – (With Apologies to Simon & Garfunkle)”, will remember that I called our health care system, “more complex, confusing, bureaucratic, wasteful, idiotic, and expensive.”

I also said that it “is so top-heavy, so convoluted, and so complex that the sheer weight of its rules, regulations, laws, programs and models will cause it to collapse.”

At fourteen hundred and fifty-two pages, that is a lot of weight. Added to all the other rules, regulations, models, programs and whatnot, you’d need a forklift just to put it into a law library, or at best, have it craned in before the roof goes on.

I know War and Peace is a big slog through, but we are talking about health care here, not a fictionalized account of the Napoleonic Wars.


If you don’t know why our health care system is so bad, one look at this bound rule will convince you that we have gotten out of hand with something that should be basic and simple…providing every American access to health care, and not lining the pockets of paper makers, ink makers, book printers, binders and the poor schlub who has to carry these rules to wherever these things are held.

And we are also lining the pockets of physicians, lawyers and other stakeholders whose grubby little hands (must be relatives of Trump) are in every nook and cranny of the system.

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