Independent Medical Review Upheld as Constitutional

As I mentioned this morning to a good friend, I normally shy away from writing about California work comp issues, but the following article by Stephanie Goldberg, is indicative of how the legal system has been corrupted to the extent that benefits are denied to injured workers when it is proved they are necessary to deal with their injuries, especially those that leave the worker unable to be gainfully employed.

In other words, the courts have helped the employers screw the workers once again, and this is not coming from ProPublica/NPR.

Here is the article from Business Insurance:|68|309|70|74|92|329|304

We can and should do better, and not just for blue collar workers, but for white collar workers as well. which is what Ms. Stevens is. And I know two other white collar women in CA who have also gotten the shaft from the system. I wrote about them in three separate articles, “The Stench of Fraud: Why Workers’ Comp Can No Longer Be a Closed System“, “The Stench of Fraud, Continued“, and “What Price Profit?“.

From what I have heard about the IMR process, not all of the reviewers are equipped or knowledgeable to review cases, and they only look at medical records (which by one account had been changed), so the process is unfair, no matter what the court said.

Workers’ comp is being undermined from within and without. It is only a matter of time until it it is completely gutted and done away with. That is the fault of stupid and greedy people, but it is also our fault for choosing leaders who allow this to happen because instead of looking out for the people, they look out for the interests of the wealthy and powerful.

1 thought on “Independent Medical Review Upheld as Constitutional

  1. Dina Padilla

    Upon going to WC court and civil court all the way to the federal appellate court since the early 90’s, it has become increasingly clear that Californians are paying the state and federal employees their salaries from our tax dollars for these same civil servants to speak for employer/insurance companies. Not only is this not impartial and a conflict of interest but also against the constitution, but hey who cares about injured workers constitutional rights? All of injured rights were violated when they brought in a corrupt worker comp court that sides with employers and their insurers. I don;t know of too many injured workers who get full disability, they just get a smidgen , thanks to state tax paid judges.
    Even David DePaulo states there is no justice FOR INJURED WORKERS AND NOT TO EXPECT ANY JUSTICE so this must be a phony court, RIGHT, all thecway up to the federal courts , but again, these are the same court employees who get paid by taxpayers to screw them at some point later on when the taxpayer gets injured. The courts are pro business and has been this way for several decades. It is really sad that we cannot expect justice anywhere in this state or for that matter with even the fed courts here in CA. I believe this is the way, all the way across our country, judging by listening to other injured/il/disabled workers from other states.



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