Some Stupid or Ridiculous Ideas that Weren’t

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”

Arthur Schopenhauer

It has been said by some that sending injured workers, most of whom are Latino, to countries in Latin America for surgery for injuries common to workers’ comp such as knee surgery, back surgery, hip surgery, etc., is a stupid or ridiculous idea.

So I thought about all the other stupid and ridiculous ideas that humans have been told was stupid or ridiculous at the time they were first conceived, but were later shown to be not stupid or ridiculous.

Where to begin? A logical place to start is the beginning, so let’s go back to the beginning of human civilization. Back then, humans used stone tools, having graduated from bones and sticks.

So I suppose that the first human to create a wheel was told it was a stupid or ridiculous idea.

Moving forward in time, it was once said that the Earth was flat; yet, the Greeks discovered that the Earth was round more than two thousand years ago.

Also, in Greece, the idea that humans could fly was kind of proved by our old friend, Icarus, that is, until his wax wings melted and he discovered gravity, another stupid or ridiculous idea that Newton later confirmed with an apple.

The Wright Brothers didn’t think flying was a stupid or ridiculous idea, and they were bicycle mechanics. What did they know about flying? On that same subject, Leonard Da Vinci envisioned the helicopter centuries before Sikorsky built his first one.

It is also said that the Chinese had rockets centuries before Robert Goddard, Werner Von Braun and others help us into space, which itself was considered a stupid or ridiculous idea.

The very idea of going to the Moon was called stupid or ridiculous until Jules Verne wrote, and a movie was made about doing just that. Then came JFK and the Apollo moon missions, which gave us the computer I am writing this on, the cell phone I carry in my pocket, and the microwave ovens we have in our kitchens. Again, more stupid or ridiculous ideas that weren’t.

Jules Verne was also the one who said submarines were not a stupid or ridiculous idea, although he was not the first one who invented one. John Holland and others did so a century earlier than Verne’s “Twenty-thousand Leagues under the Sea”.

Let’s go back to cell phones a minute. Back in 1966, a daring television writer named Gene Roddenberry developed a television series where the characters in the show carried a little box that flipped open and allowed the person holding it to communicate with a ship in orbit. That show was Star Trek, and the Communicator became our cell phones. Again, another stupid or ridiculous idea? Then what’s that ringing in your pocket? Oh, and by the way, the telephone itself was a stupid or ridiculous idea until Bell invented it (more like patented it).

Here are a few more stupid or ridiculous ideas that became reality:

Splitting the atom


Wonder drugs

Sound recordings



And who were these people who said these and other ideas were stupid or ridiculous?


So I guess they really weren’t experts after all. Only stupid or ridiculous people who wanted to retard progress. And that is really stupid or ridiculous. In fact, to quote Mr. Spock, it is “highly illogical.”

As for having injured workers go abroad for medical care in workers’ comp?

It’s not another stupid or ridiculous idea. Just one whose time has not yet come. But it will.

Just ask those individuals who invented or conceived the ideas I mentioned above and were told their ideas were stupid or ridiculous, but weren’t after all.

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