Tomorrow Is Today: Medical Travel Must Include Workers’ Comp

My fellow blogger, James Moore, has written a short, but to the point article about what might happen if workers’ comp disappeared tomorrow.

The outcome of such an occurrence would not only throw the workers’ comp industry into disarray, but clog up the courts with lawsuits from one end of the country to the other.

Without going into any great detail, I will let you the reader, decide for yourself if this is as dire as he predicts, by letting you read his article here.

What does this mean for the medical travel industry?

It means you need to get your act together, start marketing your services to insurance carriers, employers, insurance brokers so that they are aware that should workers’ comp disappear, there is an alternative to long delays in getting medical care for work-related injuries.

Plastic surgery, reconstructive surgery, dental care, and all the other medical services that medical travel currently provides will need to be supplemented by offering orthopedic and occupational injury and illness services that will save employers and carriers money, and provide the injured worker with the best medical care at the lowest cost, with a better outcome.

But none of this will matter if the industry does not seize the day, or as the Romans would say, “Carpe Diem”. This market will not come to you; you must go to it. And right now.


I am willing to work with any broker, carrier, or employer interested in saving money on expensive surgeries, and to provide the best care for their injured workers or their client’s employees.

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Ask me any questions you may have on how to save money on expensive surgeries under workers’ comp.

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