Colombia as Medical Travel Destination for Workers’ Comp Surgery

Here is an item I nearly deleted permanently about a construction worker who went to Colombia (the country, not the university) for a double knee replacement.

While the article was written by a medical facilitator (kind of like a broker), it nevertheless outlines the reasons to consider and to offer medical travel as an option to injured workers like Edward, even before they need double surgeries.

If a worker such as Edward injures his knee early in his career as a construction worker, or whatever job he has, then the need for replacement would be mitigated if a proactive stance was taken and he received knee repair so that total replacement would not be necessary.

However, even if there is no proactive repair taken, at the time the employee needs the surgery, and files a comp claim, then he can be offered the option to go to a place like Colombia or elsewhere.

Here is the link to the article:


I am willing to work with any broker, carrier, or employer who is sick and tired of being bled by the Wall Street vulture capitalists and the entire medico-legal system known as workers’ comp, to save money, and to provide the best care for their injured workers or their client’s employees, while at the same time, helping to break the monopoly of the American health care cartel.

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