As this is my official 150th post, I thought that the following post from David De Paolo needs to be seen by everyone who cares about the direction the US is headed, the way the global economy is headed, and what is happening to the working class in the US, especially injured workers such as Glenn Johnson, Cecilia Watt, Linda Ayres, and many others.

We have been lulled to sleep by a slick talking former Hollywood actor (a third rate one, and second rate president), his media and political consultants, a kinder, gentler grandfather figure with two dummy ex-governor sons, their media and political consultants, talk radio pundits who abuse and insult those they do not like, and a conservative movement funded by the late Richard Mellon Scaife, the Koch Brothers, Art Pope, Rupert Murdoch, and many others, to take this country back more than one hundred years when workers had no rights and bosses were like gods.

David’s excellent post should make us all pause to consider what we are doing to our fellow Americans and be angry, for unless you are a millionaire or billionaire, you too can experience the same or similar circumstances these people have gone through, and worse.

To paraphrase Marx (that’s Karl, not Groucho), “Worker’s of the World, Unite! You have nothing to lose but your lives!”

If you are as angry and disturbed over this blatant disregard for the dignity of working people, and are tired of the “system” being run for the benefit of the insurers and those who benefit financially, then contact me for more information on how we can offer injured workers better medical care that actually saves money, and does not allow profiteers to abuse people.

9 thoughts on “STOP THE MADNESS!!!

  1. Irene Padilla

    The madness started WITH workers compensation under the 1st bush administrations. Daddy Bush , the head of the CIA, then as VP & then as U.S. President & then with his two offspring, kept it all going. Maybe it’s the oil they’ve been sniffing in Texas but then again it started with their grandfather who got off with a slap on the wrist by U.S. legislators, for his illegal ties to the communists back in the 40’s.


    1. Irene Padilla

      Well, just look up the great granddaddy in the 40’s with the admonishment by those in the D.C. legislation for his connections & could be wrong but I’ll look again, either way, we’re suffering no matter what.


      1. Transforming Workers' Comp Post author

        Irene…My Masters in American History covers the late 19th to 20th centuries, especially the reform and progressive movements, so I know where this is coming from and why…it is because those movements were the exception to the course of American history, not the rule. The rule is money and the making of money…social welfare was not part of the original intent of this nation, individual welfare through hard work, sacrifice and using money wisely (sometimes called ‘thrift’)/


      2. Irene Padilla

        AS I was reading your above post at 11:57, to reply, that my PC went to the SNAP, taking me off. This is is the 2nd time today. Interesting & distressing.
        I believe in hard work, making our own money, but when someone came along to take that all way, starting with purposely injuring someone, then making money, the old fashion way sure didn’t work for the millions of us. That this was & is particularly sinister. All to take away someone’s (especially when they were in the middle of their life & with family) ability to work, hurting them & causing total financial distress IS sinister at best. Now what part of America’s framework or movement is that?


      3. Transforming Workers' Comp Post author

        You only had that money because of the progressive reforms made in the 19th and 20th centuries, otherwise most American would be living at the margins, as their great-grandparents did and those before them. Rugged individualism was only for a small few who could achieve power and wealth, the rest were left to fend for themselves, and we are seeing a recrudescence of that now.


      4. Irene Padilla

        The “recrudescence ” you refer to, has been going on since the 70’s. The margins started in the 80’s & the knot was tied in the early 90’s & since. The baby boomers created the largest amount of wealth for our country & they have little to show for it just as our previous generations. Since, the 70’s , every 20 years( ages 20 to 40, the best working years of your life) the “recrudescence” certainly will rear it’s ugly head. Insurance companies know how long you’ll really last at the workplace & 40 is the magic age because that is roughly when the body starts declining, no matter how healthy you are at the time. The insurance industry created all of the codes to grossly magnify our body’s degeneration, all to not pay out on comp illnesses or injuries because our injuries /illnesses are now naturally degenerative, all according to the insurance industry. So, we work for about 20 good years & fight like hell for the rest of it.
        Unfair insurance practices running a muck but that was it’s malicious intention & their are many of baby boomers who can testify to that..


    1. Irene Padilla

      The way our society works now, we are before the 1900’s, before the civil war.
      AND remember too, that Churchill was going to leave most of Europe in communist control with when making a deal to end the Germany Nazi’s war, and some parts of Europe were given to the communists, like parts of Poland, some of it to the Ukraine.. I think we’re now like Poland in a way, the way we’ve been fractured, as was in WW11, between the factions, Nazi’s & Communists. That’s my opinion, anyway.



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