Corruption Not Limited To US Health Care

Tip of the hat to Joe Paduda today for highlighting topics on Health Wonk Review, one of which dealt with the fact that corruption is a global problem in health care.

The HWR blog today, entitled “Health Wonk Review: Polar Vortex Edition, July 2014”, pointed to another blog called Health Care Renewal, that discussed how corruption in health care is not limited to the US, and cited problems in India, which happens to be one of the largest medical tourism destinations in the world.

The article in Health Care Renewal, entitled, “Health Care Corruption, “No Dirty Little Secret,” but “An Open Sore” – Lessons from India for the US”, quotes from various sources the scope of corruption found in India and the parallels to corruption in the US.

Some of the issues found in both India and the US are as follows:

  • Neoliberalism and privatization
  • Kickbacks to physicians for referrals
  • Kickbacks from pharmaceutical firms
  • Huge fees charged to medical students

Those of you have read my recent posts, “The Stench of Fraud: Why Workers’ Comp Can No Longer Be a Closed System” and “The Stench of Fraud, Continued” won’t be surprised that corruption exists elsewhere. But the fact that it does exist elsewhere should not blind us to the reality that we can do something about it here at home, especially when it concerns injured workers, and represents a complete and utter disregard for the Hippocratic oath that states, “First, do no harm”.

It would seem that this admonishment from Hippocrates falls on deaf ears when there is money to be made from inflicting pain and suffering, as well as heaping abuse on innocent, injured workers.

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3 thoughts on “Corruption Not Limited To US Health Care

  1. Irene Padilla

    When jobs were off shored to places like India & China, that either have a caste system and or human rights violation system , where the wages are less but the injuries are the same, remember where it came from, THE U.S. the American Corporate Interest$.
    “The costs of doing business” That is what workers are. The human “costs” of doing business. Medical care along with insurance is now a business. There goes the oath of “First do no harm”. It was bought off via Wall St.
    Thank you for your insightful blog and for those who have nary a voice, the injured, ill or dead workers.



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