More Testimonials on Medical Tourism in Mexico

Back in August, I wrote a short piece entitled, Testimonial on Medical Tourism in Mexico. This was based on a comment I received from Patrick Pine, the Chief Administrative Officer at Robert F. Kennedy Medical Plan/Juan De La Cruz Pension Plan, in Bakersfield, CA.

I asked Patrick if it was possible for him to get me some testimonials from some of the workers, so that I could write about what they experience when they go across the border for medical care. It took some time for Patrick’s assistant to get me these brief snippets of the workers’ views on Mexican medical care, and it is my intention that this will prove that not only is cross-border health care happening, but that it works for the thousands of agricultural workers and others who labor in the US.

While all of them are crossing the border for routine health care, the possibility that they can receive the same quality care at lower costs, if and when, they are injured on the job and require surgery, means that medical tourism can be implemented into workers’ comp, and from what I have been told by at least one former Workers’ Comp expert, it is already happening. We just need to see it expand beyond CA and the other Border States.

I am including Patrick’s explanation to me of the workers’ statements with their own words below. Patrick’s words are in bold. I have not deleted or added anything except some minor typographical changes to make it more readable. I am grateful to Patrick and his assistance for their assistance in this effort.

Here are some brief comments on employees of US companies – mostly in Southern California – all Hispanic – all are citizens but a spouse may not yet be a citizen or perhaps is a legal resident – most are located in the Blythe area on the California/Arizona border but some are up in Central California. We have a panel of doctors and pharmacies in the Mexicali, MX area that are used with some regularity by various employees and families.

But they illustrate in their own words (as translated) what they like about using the providers in Mexico vs. providers in the US. I did minor editing to protect privacy.


Me and my wife like to go to Mexicali for our ear problems and the medicine is very good. It fixes our issue really fast without going back and forth and the 20% we have to pay is not as much as it is here in the US. The doctors are really good when giving out medications and treatments.


I was being treated in Mexicali because the medicine is more effective, more costly according to some and low amounts of medicine, however; more effective as I get better faster. The cost is much less than here in the US. My wife is being treated here in the US because of Lupus, her doctor is in Loma Linda, however; what they charge is too much and the 20% that we have to pay is too much for us and I have not been able to pay. GXXXXXX is 24 years old and they did not accept the company’s insurance so she has her own insurance.


I like to go get better care in Mexicali because I can understand my doctor; I do not have to go over and over again to get medicine as it is more effective. What we have to pay here is better than in the US. In Mexico we don’t have to wait long the medicine and what we get targets our ailment directly. I dare say that if it was not for the insurance my wife would no longer be with me, as she is not able to cross over here to the US because of her illness, and thanks to the Medicine and the care that has been provided by the Doctors and Hospitals here.


I have been treated in Mexicali and in the US, for me it is better and cheaper to get treated in Mexico and it is also faster. The medicine is also more effective. I get treated here in the US in case of emergency as it is too far but I rather go there as I can communicate directly with the doctor without a translator.


Me and my family get treated in Mexicali as the cost is lower and the medicine is more effective. We like because we also talk to the doctors and with more confidence as they see us more like friends than patients. They ask all kinds of questions over what the problem is and we are very have as of today.

Cxxxxx and Mxxxxx

Through this letter we’ll tell you why we visit the doctor in Mexicali

1.  Doctor. Consideration, efficiency, respect to patient and they communicate in our language. Diagnosis  and the attention required, they pay attention to the required test, the lab work and the necessary treatments.

2.  Medical, Prescription and Lab work cost is reasonable.

3.  The pharmacy by the name of “xxxxxx xxxxxl” their friendly and efficient service .

4.  Lab work turn around and the application of the treatment.

5.  Even though it’s an 8 to 9 hour drive from King City to Mexicali we make an effort to go because of the tact and diagnostic.


I’d like to get to know you better, so please complete the form below and let me know who you are, where you are from (country and city, please), and what you like about my blog.

Thank you so much,


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    Interesting article. I think if Russian users saw it , they might be interested. Did you try to write and publish some articles on the thematic areas in the zone of the Russian Internet. We could help you. Please check it


    1. richardkrasner Post author


      Спасибо. Нет, я обеспокоен только с компенсацией секторе американских рабочих. К сожалению, товарищ :-)!

      Thank you. no, I am only concerned with the American workers’ compensations sector. Sorry, comrade 🙂 !


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