How Medical Tourism Hospitals are Developed


Today’s second post is courtesy of Maria Todd, CEO of Mercury Healthcare International.

While her article is about hospital development in Africa, specifically the work she is doing in Nigeria, it is instructive on how hospital development in other regions of the world are laying the groundwork for the expansion of medical tourism.

In the article, she explains why Africa is targeted for financing and why now, how to size the facility and the market, what is different about hospital development and inpatient utlization in Africa, where the money comes from, the investment risk and capital funding in Africa, and some of the pitfalls that can happen when a company like hers is called in to help develop a hospital, and there is not much cash to be had, or as she puts it:

Apples and little green monkeys fall from trees – not cash

Being an expert in medical tourism and healthcare, Maria has made a name for herself, which is why she takes on such a daunting challenge as hospital development in Africa. Perhaps one day, Africa will be known as a shining example of medical tourism, and she and her company will have made it possible.

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5 thoughts on “How Medical Tourism Hospitals are Developed

  1. Mike Benishek, Pd.T.F.

    You are peaking my interest in Medical Tourism………. I did not realize how little I knew about this area of Risk Management…… I definitely need to learn more….. I’m still thinking cruise ship…( But probably not Carnival due to the three recent issues) with medical/surgical facilities aboard…….mobile…no real “legal jurisdiction”, REAL doctors, with absolute stellar track record for surgical outcomes, …etc… That would be a winner….. Ship has to have a heliport…can’t wait for dockage in port…….. Fly in…..have procedure…. fly out….no customs clearance issues….. Simple….. Any major employers doing this…? Have a great weekend Mike B



    1. richardkrasner Post author


      Some, like Lowe’s and Wal-Mart are doing domestic medical tourism, and Phillips Services Inc (PSI) is doing it internationally. Other companies that were at the MTA Congress I attended in October were American Express and Google, but I have not heard about it for Work Comp, that is why I am writing so much about it. I want people to get interested in it and perhaps get a job out of it.

      Got any thoughts?


  2. Nick Theinwit

    I just read how they are building a new mega-building in Ghana that will focus on IT. Africa has a lot of potential and resource to excel. However medical tourism in Africa is something new I have heard about Africa. Thailand has to battle with the misconception of having “inferior” health care to the west, and I am sure Africa will have to accomplish the same with their marketing.



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